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Van der Aa is a designer that has a feeling for unpredicted materials that work in a feminine, mythical and organic way. With respect for vintage, she takes great inspiration from second-hand fashion and attains a certain eye for details.
From on early on in life she wanted to create, drawn to the idea of living in her own world of wonder and fantasy. Now this comes from a feeling of nostalgia that has always accompanied her. 
Always eager to learn and continues to do so whilst researching all kinds of materials that may not seem ordinary at first to use in her designs. Faye developed a curiosity for knitwear, textiles, digital fashion and photography
She prioritises a intuitive and organic design method, working spontaneously with second hand materials and accessories. 
As an example, she styles her body in interesting and unexpected ways; also claiming the title of a maximalist. In her work she likes to bring the unexpected elements back; looking at designs from certain angles that are remarkable.
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